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Coaching strategies for change processes

In transformation processes, one approach is crucial: the employees and managers of the administration who are affected for the planning and management of changes must be involved at an early stage. We help them develop specifications that set the framework for the path to a specific goal. In addition, we accompany the entire process and draw attention to any necessary course corrections. With the appropriate coaching tools, we facilitate the involvement of the actors for the process. Forms of work such as workshops, trainings and individual coaching can be used.

Coaching for personality growth

For the analysis of the “problem” we use the questioning techniques of systemic coaching. This helps us to recognise which thoughts and feelings are really going on in you and which reactions are caused by them. After formulating the measurable and verifiable goal, we can select suitable methods for coaching for personal development. They lead away from the problem and towards a solution.

With methods for self-recognition such as the Big Five personality model or the Five Pillar Model according to Petzold, we take a close look at the identity and thus the motivators of the individual. To develop robustness, we need resilience. Therefore, we look at the resilience factors available in individuals, teams and organisations.

In the hectic pace of everyday life, we often lose mindfulness for ourselves and our surroundings. When we notice this, we find helpful relaxation exercises to regain mindfulness.

Our tools for personal development include:

  • Communication models after Schulz von Thun
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Disney-Method

Coaching leadership skills

Managers are exposed to additional pressures. On the one hand, they may themselves be affected by the desired change. On the other hand, they are called upon to be promoters and multipliers of change. With the development of a mission statement we find your leadership role and your self-image. In the further course, the focus is on communication with the employees and the other actors involved. Whether conflict resolution, moderation or talks – we help you to develop confidence in your strengths and to implement change successfully.

Our contents for our leadership skills coaching include:

  • Develop leadership styles and values
  • Communication at various levels
  • Strengthen strengths
Improve leadership style through coaching
Coaching team development: one of our building blocks for personal transformation

Coaching team development

Among the methods for personal change, coaching for team development plays an important role. Where people work together, different needs, values and goals come together. For a successful change process, it is important that those involved act as a team. In team development, we usually rely on group work within the framework of workshops. We work out the potential for positive team development in the four phases of orientation, confrontation, cooperation and integration. Then we find out which measures are the best to become more efficient as a team.

Our tools for team development coaching include:

  • Hat model after de Bono
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Design Thinking

Our methodological competence enables us to do justice to the diverse tasks and to use suitable coaching strategies and approaches appropriately. If there is a need beyond this, we can fall back on tried and tested network partners.

Only who knows their objective, can find their way.


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