Urban transformation

Our competences in the field of urban sustainability

Content-related expertise

  • Expertise on climate protection measures and concepts, urban transformation approaches, post-growth/degrowth, sustainable consumption/living, association work, nutrition strategies
  • Practical and scientific competences in the fields of sustainability and sustainability management, socio-ecological transformation, urban sustainability and governance, environmental, nature and climate protection, politics, non-profit organisations, engagement and participation, social entrepreneurship and alternative economic and social models.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international and national frameworks and reporting systems, e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and sustainable urban development concepts.
  • Application of vision and utopia techniques for, among other things, urban sustainability and climate protection
Urban sustainability has many facets. One building block is a well thought-out sustainability management.

Methodological skills

  • Consultancy in and for the private sector, public organisations and research on topics of socio-ecological transformation and sustainability management.
  • Leadership experience (100+ team members), project management and leadership; strategic team and project development
  • Process design, event management, campaigning, campaign and interim management
  • Qualitative and quantitative (social) research
  • Publications for various media, e.g. blogging, sustainability reporting
  • Presentations, speeches, moderations, workshops, trainings, interviewing – live and digital
  • Building and maintaining networks, alliance work, transdisciplinary and agile work
  • Intercultural communication und international cooperation
  • Budget management, fund acquisition/fundraising

We can improve our world by taking responsibility.

Karl Raimund Popper

Further skills

  • Long-term, visionary, strategic and integrated thinking as well as broad knowledge combined with detail orientation
  • Gathering diverse information in complex contexts and making decisions based on it
  • Strong organisational and planning skills, solution orientation and perseverance even in the face of obstacles
  • High level of empathy and ability to work in a team, strong communication skills in several languages (including German, English, Spanish)
  • Sound IT skills (Microsoft Office, WordPress, basics of programming, online tools for various online events and work meetings)
Urban transformation skills

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