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The WeMaCo team introduces itself

We want to shape the future through urban and personal transformation

For us, a liveable, sustainable city means that all living beings have a healthy, beautiful and safe environment. Therein exists a natural abundance within the planetary boundaries. The city of the future is a regenerative ecosystem – as lively and creative as a primeval forest. People love themselves, really live their lives and are deeply connected to their fellow world.

This vision motivates us in our daily work and forms the basis of our mission. Our team works towards such a world in a value-based way, together with our strong partners.

Our team

introduces itself

Cathérine Lehmann (she/her)


Cathérine Lehmann is a dedicated sustainability expert with experience in project management, consulting, research and social entrepreneurship. She is committed to creating sustainable cities with a high quality of life for all inhabitants. Cathérine distinguishes herself by acting with head, hand and heart: she is a strategic-analytical thinker with a quick grasp, with organisational talent and drive. As an empathic team player, networker and leader, she is passionate about the step-by-step realisation of a more sustainable world.

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Daniela Sander-Lehmann (she/her)

Coaching & Mental Training

Daniela Sander-Lehmann is an experienced, solution-oriented coach who sees supporting people as the purpose of her life. She uses her professional expertise and wealth of experience to accompany people into a more valuable life. With openness, empathy and appreciation, Daniela manages to establish a trusting contact in a short time. She grasps the individuality of her clients and implements it in team building. Through her personal, sustained commitment, she is familiar with the problems that committed people encounter. She helps them to find solutions together during change processes.

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Our mission & our values

Who wants to change something, has to dare to do something. Therefore, a clear mission and a precise idea of one’s own values are needed.

Empathetic, creative & visionary

Empathic, creative and visionary, we support urban design actors in the development and implementation of holistic sustainability strategies, including participation processes/citizen participation.

Positive mindset

In coaching, we develop a positive mindset, emotional and mental strength, as well as awareness in dealing with the major challenges, especially in the sectors of sustainability, environmental, nature and climate protection, as well as in the social sector.


WerteManagement (German for ValuesManagement) describes our principle of values-based management both of our own person and with responsible action for the environment. In doing so, sustainable, open, honest, trustworthy, responsible and courageous corporate practice and cooperation are central to us.

We are your service provider for the transformation into a better future.

Our partners

We work closely with our network and partner organisations from the fields of architecture, urban planning, (urban) marketing, mediation and project management, among others. Are you interested in partnering with us? Then please feel free to contact us.

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