Transformation – systemic & sustainable accompaniment of change for cities

Consulting and coaching for urban developers

Our consultancy is aimed at people and organisations who want to make today’s cities sustainable with an eye to the future. Learn to master challenges with ease and keep track of the complexity of your tasks. With our expertise and your visions, we make your city blossom.

Daniela Sander-Lehmann & Cathérine Lehmann

Shape the future – manage urban and personal challenges together with us

Change the world positively

Each of us can bring about change – as an individual, in our private lives or as an actor in urban development. No matter at which level: We help you with our know-how to realise your wishes and visions – for effective action and a higher quality of life.

Our offer for actors of sustainable change

With your work as a city shaper, for example in urban planning or administration, you are one of the actors who significantly determine the development of the city.

  • You are an expert for your city and the legal frameworks. We teach you methods to jointly deal with upcoming urban challenges such as climate change adaptation. Because it needs targeted change processes to preserve quality of life in the future. We accompany you in the development of visions and goals and advise you on the implementation of holistic sustainability strategies.
  • We know the concepts and processes for urban change, but do not lose sight of the individual. We look at transformation systemically: through targeted coaching, we individually promote mental strength for constructive cooperation.
  • We help you to ensure that your work has a lasting effect and that you are secure in the long term, both professionally and privately. With us you learn to set goals, to live more consciously and to develop an inner attitude for a successful and happy life.

We support sustainable transformation systemically

Getting the individual, the team and the city on track together

Transformation is needed to positively shape our future. This can take place at different levelsin the personal attitude of the actors, in the team and at the city level. Every change – whether internal or external – is an opportunity. But every change also has an impact on other areas. “Inside” and “outside” are mutually dependent.

From personal development to urban design work: with our systemic approach, we look at all levels of transformation in context – for a more liveable future for you and your city.

Our services

We offer consulting & coaching for sustainable transformation

Urban transformation

Together with you, we develop visions for a sustainable urban development. In harmony with your team and all stakeholders, you set functioning processes in motion to implement a holistic sustainability strategy. We would like to accompany future-oriented transformations with our know-how so that your city becomes even more liveable for the next generations.

Expand your knowledge on all topics related to sustainable transformation. Together, we develop visions and concepts for communities or neighbourhoods and derive ambitious, realisable goals from them.

Throughout the process, you work with all relevant stakeholders to consistently achieve the agreed goals.

We plan the supporting projects and events with you, including value-creating citizen participation.

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Personal transformation

To bring about change on a large scale, you have to be at peace with yourself. We are at your side when you are anxious or when you are subject to pressures for change. With the right tools and strategies, you learn how to deal with situations where you are not understood by those around you or where the many different tasks push you to your limits. In this way, you can represent your values and goals confidently and sovereignly.

Learn strategies for a stress-free life in order to find a constructive and collective togetherness on different levels in the case of conflicting goals with inner coherence.

Develop resilience for life’s crises, learn to understand your fears, overcome them and remain confident when things get critical.

Together we will develop your strengths, define goals and you will learn to advocate decisions with clear communication and self-confidence.

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What we do today determines what the world of tomorrow will look like.

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

Define visions and goals TODAY.
Start the transformation step by step.
Live a better TOMORROW.

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