Personal transformation

Our coaching services for personality development, leadership skills and team development

Personal transformation

Our coaching services for personality development, leadership skills and team development

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With coaching you can create a better future for yourself

Congratulations! If you have landed on this page, you have taken the first important step. From now on you are no longer alone. We are at your side with heart and mind. We help you to restructure your everyday life, your family life and your professional situation. With us you will strengthen your resilience and develop a positive mindset. We show you:

  • How you can change your mindset and develop yourself further
  • How to go through life with more serenity
  • What mental techniques you can use to enhance your skills
  • How to achieve your goals with determination
  • How to use your energy wisely
  • How to increase your leadership skills
  • How to go your own way in the future with self-determination and motivation.

We support you in your development so that you can master the complex changes in your city with confidence. If you have any questions or would like an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us personally and without obligation.

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A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there.

Walt Disney

Coaching for your personal development

Start with awareness

By awareness we mean a mindful look at yourself, nature and the environment in which you live. You learn to look at the present – not at imprints from the past or assumptions for the future. With this change of perspective you achieve a changed perception and can train your mindset. You can imagine this as similar to the astronauts’ view of the Earth from space: they see neither borders nor cultural differences – instead, they recognise global environmental damage and the great challenges it creates. With awareness we change our thinking, our feeling, our acting – our BEING.

From inner to outer strength

Your mindset and adaptability (resilience) influence how you react to problems and changes. We analyse your previous thinking patterns. In this way we create an awareness of what triggers you subconsciously, what feelings arise and what your attitude is. How close are self-image and external image to each other? What are your talents, strengths and values?

Self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love are essential keys to inner freedom and positive personality development. They help you to deal confidently with stress or other triggers, such as political requirements or changing framework conditions. With a positive mindset and strengthened resilience, the key is found to give you a sense of security towards change and ultimately more serenity.

WeMaCo Coaching for leadership skills

Coaching for your leadership skills

Your understanding of leadership

In our lives we take on different roles: We are siblings, partners, athletes, organisers and city leaders. With your understanding of your role, your mindset and the clarity of your own values, you can develop your leadership model. Do you want to implement your ideas and goals without fear, but authentically, and use the power of the team? From the diagnosis to the assessment of resistance to the implementation, our entire team is at your and your city’s side.

Resilience strengthens you

Adaptability is necessary to master challenges. To strengthen your resilience, we look at different factors: personal factors, cognitive and emotional abilities, environmental factors and the influences of culture and social environment. Our focus is on process factors, such as identifying opportunities and developing strategies. With our resilience coaching you are very well positioned to master the stresses of everyday life and to accompany the process of change with all its demands.

Coaching for team development

Developing mission and vision

A mission statement and a vision are the basis for achieving common goals. They give clarity, meaning and direction to the project. To make your city more liveable and sustainable, the first step is to develop a vision. Only those who think big will achieve success. In addition, the development of a mission statement is a participatory and communicative process. It should be developed at an early stage, if not before the change process, and should contain basic statements of principle.

Gain understanding and acceptance

Developing a shared value serves our community and the environment. This makes it easier to overcome obstacles in order to implement the crucial processes in a reflective, structured and, at best, standardised way. Urban transformation in particular involves many actors who need to be won over to the process of change. Clear communication and successful team building ensure understanding and acceptance among each other in order to achieve better results with self-motivation and enthusiasm.

Strengthening positive mindset and resilience - these are the basics for our WeMaCo coaching for team development

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